Wednesday, January 13, 2021

List of Republicans Who Have Betrayed MAGA

The following is a list of Republicans who did not side with President Trump for election integrity or who have subsequent to January 6 "stabbed" President Trump in the back. Remember these names when the next election for them arrives or they ask you to buy their book or watch their movie. They will not be welcome in the new Patriot Party (should there be one). You and I can grow this list together! Please help by commenting below with the names of other Republicans who have undercut President Trump and give a source for their betrayal (words or deed) and we will add them to this list. Thanks!

Jaime Herrera Beutler (congresswoman, voted to impeach)
Anthony Gonzalez (congressman, voted to impeach)
John Katko (congressman, voted to impeach)
Adam Kinzinger (congressman, voted to impeach)
Peter Meijer (congressman, voted to impeach)
Dan Newhouse (congressman, voted to impeach)
Tom Rice (congressman, voted to impeach)
Fred Upton (congressman, voted to impeach)
David Valdao (congressman, voted to impeach)   
Senator Mitch McConnell
Senator John Thune
Senator Romney
Senator Mike Lee
Senator Lindsey Graham
Liz Cheney (congresswoman, voted to impeach)
Megan McCain (irrelevant)
VP Mike Pence
ex-senator Kelly Loeffler 
ex-senator David Perdue 
Governor Brian Kemp
Senator Tom Cotton
Congressman Dan Crenshaw
Ben Sasse
Nicki Halley
Senator Lisa Murkowski
ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Senator Pat Toomey
ex-Governor Chris Christie
ex-Governor Mike Huckabee 
Senator Marco Rubio
Kevin McCarthy
Updated 1/14/2021

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