Thursday, January 21, 2021

Stolen Elections Have Consequences


Central American Caravan of Migrants 2018

Coming soon to a border near you.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Supreme Court Must Not Allow Impeachment Trial

The Supreme Court of the United States needs to step out and say that impeaching a former president (a private citizen) is unconstitutional and put a stop to this constitutional erosion that is taking place. It is their constitutional duty to do this. Additionally, betrayer Mitch McConnell and every other Senator (of any party) should also know that it is unconstitutional and should say so if they care about the U.S. Constitution which they took an oath to preserve and protect.

Unfortunately, the swamp is pervasive in D.C., and the actors there don't mind eroding the Constitution if it can hurt President Trump.

Friday, January 15, 2021

List of Anti-Liberty Companies

The following is a list of corporations who have de-platformed President Trump and many other conservatives or Trump's supporters. Many of these companies have said they won't support candidates who questioned the fraudulent election results. HSBC has stated that you may be debanked if you don't wear a mask in their bank. Remember these companies when you are about to make a purchase and choose a nonbiased company when possible. You and I can grow this list together! Please help by commenting below with the names of other Companies who have shown their political liberalism and/or their intolerance of free speech and liberty.
American Express
Bank of America
Banks United
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Deutsche Bank
Loews Hotels
Morgan Stanley
Professional Bank
Signature Bank
Simon & Schuster

Updated 1/22/2021

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

List of Republicans Who Have Betrayed MAGA

The following is a list of Republicans who did not side with President Trump for election integrity or who have subsequent to January 6 "stabbed" President Trump in the back. Remember these names when the next election for them arrives or they ask you to buy their book or watch their movie. They will not be welcome in the new Patriot Party (should there be one). You and I can grow this list together! Please help by commenting below with the names of other Republicans who have undercut President Trump and give a source for their betrayal (words or deed) and we will add them to this list. Thanks!

Jaime Herrera Beutler (congresswoman, voted to impeach)
Anthony Gonzalez (congressman, voted to impeach)
John Katko (congressman, voted to impeach)
Adam Kinzinger (congressman, voted to impeach)
Peter Meijer (congressman, voted to impeach)
Dan Newhouse (congressman, voted to impeach)
Tom Rice (congressman, voted to impeach)
Fred Upton (congressman, voted to impeach)
David Valdao (congressman, voted to impeach)   
Senator Mitch McConnell
Senator John Thune
Senator Romney
Senator Mike Lee
Senator Lindsey Graham
Liz Cheney (congresswoman, voted to impeach)
Megan McCain (irrelevant)
VP Mike Pence
ex-senator Kelly Loeffler 
ex-senator David Perdue 
Governor Brian Kemp
Senator Tom Cotton
Congressman Dan Crenshaw
Ben Sasse
Nicki Halley
Senator Lisa Murkowski
ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Senator Pat Toomey
ex-Governor Chris Christie
ex-Governor Mike Huckabee 
Senator Marco Rubio
Kevin McCarthy
Updated 1/14/2021

Monday, January 11, 2021

Just 7 U.S. Senators Cared About Election Integrity

Senator Hawley, Montana, Senator Hyde-Smith, Missouri, Senator Kennedy, Louisiana, Senator Tuberville, Alabama, Senator Cruz, Texas, and Senator Marshall, Kansas were the only United States senators willing to object to the electors from Arizona on January 6, 2021, even though those electors were certified by Arizona based on fraudulent votes. Every other Republican U.S. senator stabbed President Trump in the back and squashed election integrity. Senator Lummis, Wyoming was added to the vote on Pennsylvania electors.

A big thanks to these senators for fighting for election integrity. You will be welcome in the Patriot Party.


Thursday, January 7, 2021

A Government Complicit

  • The United States Legislative branch (Congress; Republicans and Democrats) has punted when presented with clear election fraud. 
    • State legislatures had their chance and punted when presented with clear election fraud. Now they want a do-over, but it is too late, at least regarding the 2020 presidential election.
  • The U.S. Judicial branch (Supreme Court) punted when presented with clear election fraud.
    • State supreme courts and lower courts punted when presented with clear election fraud.
  • The U.S. Executive branch in the form of the Justice department and FBI has punted when presented with election fraud. 

There has been a concerted effort to ignore the election fraud of the 2020 election by Republicans (most of them) and of course by Democrats (who benefited from or performed the fraud) and the news media. It seems that the entire government (except for some brave individuals) is set on ignoring the election fraud, either to be rid of President Trump or to begin initiating the socialist agenda, global warming agenda, and great reset agenda. There appears to be no interest by Washington DC politicians in ensuring the integrity of elections in the United States. That being said, many many millions, perhaps 80 million people will not have faith in the vote going forward. That leaves patriots with few options. 

1. Don't vote. This would result in increased oppression for conservatives and patriots. But voting is compromised.

2. Continue to vote Republican as if nothing happened for more of the same. Any Republican who did not vote to object to the fraudulent electors should be voted out of office, no matter how good they are on other issues (that is when we can trust the vote again).

3. Create a Patriot party. This is not a quick fix but certainly satisfying.

4. Actually have an insurrection. (Not recommending this, just saying it is an option. It is not even a good option because it doesn't address the root cause of the problem. It is also not a love thy neighbor-type option.) 

5. Leverage as much real estate of the Constitution as it can provide to crowbar fixes to the recent lawlessness of the Left. (lawsuits, impeachments, recalls, etc.)

6. Once some justice has been issued and unconstitutional laws and activity addressed, conservatives need to take back education in the United States because this is where the tide of liberalism/socialism/marxism is coming from today.

One action step to start with is that articles of impeachment must be drawn up and sponsored by many U.S. representatives and U.S. senators. On day one of the Biden administration he must be impeached (the articles of impeachment presented). The House and Senate members should be badgered every day until this happens.

#impeachBiden #illegitimateBiden





Bitcoin Moons Based on Solid Fundamentals


Bitcoin currently sits at about $39,666 (for one Bitcoin) at 12:30 pm EST on January 7, 2020. The all-time highs are happening every day (even every hour) recently. None of the crypto prognosticators predicted so much moon so fast. I do believe that the present bull-run for Bitcoin is supported by fundamentals which are 

  1. institutional investment, 
  2. economic uncertainty (extreme U.S. government debt, extreme dollar printing) so that Bitcoin is viewed as a safe harbor, 
  3. limited supply.

However, most other cryptocurrencies which have seen a rise on Bitcoin's coat-tails as well do not have the same fundamentals supporting them and if one wants to apply the labels of "irrational exuberance" or "bubble" to them, the labels would be more appropriate than to Bitcoin. Actually some of the larger market cap altcoins like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and one or two others have some institutional investment in them as well, so their gains may be sustainable and credible, but if you're seeing lower market cap coins making huge gains, sell on the highs because those altcoins are less likely to hold any recent gains because there aren't any supporting fundamentals, in most cases, to justify large price gains. (Of course you should keep/hold any coin which you believe in, I'm just saying for investment purposes most altcoins will not keep up with the Bitcoin price increases.)

Bitcoin always has price pullbacks and that should be expected, but the trend is always going to be up until we get closer to the last minted/mined Bitcoin in the 2100s.

Check out: The Essential Guide to Bitcoin Mining: A Cryptocurrency Tutorial

Paperback, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Play

Saturday, December 26, 2020

CDC U.S. Deaths All Causes


This is a bar chart of the U.S. Deaths reported according to the weekly counts of death dataset on the CDC website. Accessed 12/26/2020. The year 2020 includes COVID-19 deaths and indicates totals through 12/12/2020. Thank you to Q (drop 4842) for pointing to this data.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Covid-19 Survival Rates - CDC

 CDC Covid-19 Survival Rates in the U.S.


Age 0-19 — 99.997%

Age 20-49 — 99.98%

Age 50-69 — 99.5%

Age 70+ — 94.6%


So why are we having our businesses restricted, economy destroyed and personal rights trampled?

Also take note that the number of reported deaths from Covid-19 which is plastered on news channel screens is exaggerated and includes deaths from heart disease, cancer, flu, etc. This was reported by Johns Hopkins as total deaths in 2020 from other causes of death having decreased (i.e., deaths from heart disease and cancer showing lower numbers but attributed to Covid-19).

Most deaths in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania were in nursing homes where the governors placed senior Covid-19 patients thus infecting healthy residents with Covid-19.

The numbers of cases are also suspect as false positives are associated with the tests.

2020 Election Fraud Information

It is important that the 2020 election be investigated, litigated, and adjudicated, and wherever fraud was performed by individuals or by groups of people or by organizations that that fraud be prosecuted. If this does not happen then the American peoples' faith in the fairness and legitimacy of its elections will forever be compromised. As it is half the voters in this country will not view Joe Biden as a legitimately elected office holder. And every other elected person in this country will be suspect as being illegitimate unless the election process is determined to be clean. 

But deeper than this, the atmosphere that exists where so many Democrats and liberals thought it was okay to cheat to get rid of a president that they didn't like needs to be addressed. People who cheat or tolerate cheating have no access to moral high ground but ought to have access to Rikers Island.


Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee Report on 2020 Election

The Immaculate Deception - The Navarro Report  (analysis of the 2020 election irregularities)

Thursday, December 10, 2020

YouTube Looks to Make America Ignorant Again

YouTube will censor any video that claims that Joe Biden is not president elect. Please see my video comments regarding this issue.


 More YouTube Censorship


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Reasons to Vote for Trump for President in 2020

President Trump hugs the U.S. flag

I'd like to talk today about President Trump's accomplishments and why I'm going to vote for him
for president in 2020. 

(1.) First of all, he has pushed for an improved trade deal with Canada and Mexico and he promised that he would get rid of NAFTA and replace it. He did that and signed the treaty between the three countries.

(2.) President Trump is addressing illegal immigration. Do you know that there are 20,000,000 people in this country who should not be here, who have come here illegally? Previous presidents have promised that they would build a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States and President Trump has actually started that. I think he said the other day that they are building 10 miles of wall a week on the border right now. 

(3.) Supreme Court. President Trump has committed to appointing constitutional originalists to the Supreme Court and he has not disappointed in this respect.

(4.) President Trump pushed for federal Prison Reform. That's something other presidents have promised but President Trump delivered on. 

(5.) President Trump has pushed for "right to try" concerning drugs that are still under testing. So, pharmaceutical companies develop drugs and there's a long process to develop them and get them to market and when something looks promising and someone with a disease wants to take it, now they can try it because of this legislation. The legislation protects the companies and government from litigation and gives the patient a possible cure or relief from their deadly disease.

(6.) President Trump has overseen the lowest unemployment numbers in history through the beginning of 2020. The United States had the lowest unemployment overall in history up through February 2020. This includes the lowest minority unemployment in history and the lowest unemployment for women in decades. 

(7.) The stock market has risen almost consistently since November 2016 when President Trump was elected. Just the fact that he was elected was good for the stock market and overall since he's been elected the stock market has been going up.

(8.) President Trump has initiated a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and he has even received a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for this work that he and his administration have done. 

(9.) President Trump tried vigorously for a peace deal between North Korea and South Korea and North Korea and the U.S. and just because he hasn't succeeded yet doesn't mean he didn't try very hard, and because of what he's done so far I think the future looks bright for eventual peace between those two countries. 

(10.) President Trump is the only president to stand against China's unfair trade policies against the U.S. His tariffs on China (which are in response to China's tariffs on U.S. goods) have caused China to make deals with the U.S., particularly in their increased purchase of our agricultural products. U.S. steel companies have also benefitted from Trump's actions.

(11.) President Trump fights climate change extremism and the climate change hoax. He stopped the economically disastrous Paris climate accord and has been a vocal critic of this climate change lie. Do you know that the United States has reduced its carbon output (as if it matters) where countries like China and India have increased theirs. We have among the cleanest air of any industrial nation (overall). Reminder forest fires are caused by lightning, electrical sparks, and humans with lighters; hurricanes are not caused by or made worse by carbon emissions, polar bear populations are not decreasing, ocean water levels have not inundated any major coastal cities. The ice caps have not disappeared. It is all hysteria.

(12.) President Trump has put resources towards defeating ISIS and he and the military in conjunction with their military partners did defeat ISIS and that is something that President Obama did not do. 

(13.) President Trump pushed for and signed into law the tax reform bill lowering your taxes. 

(14.) President Trump beefed up the military which had become weak under Obama, even while he reduces U.S. forces presence overseas. He also loves the military and he shows it.

(15.) President Trump talks straight like a normal person and not like a politician. It's very refreshing to hear the truth that comes out of this person, saying things that politicians have never said because they were worried about being reelected.

(16.) Trump loves the United States of America and he shows it.

(17.) President Trump loves law enforcement and believes in the rule of law and keeping all Americans safe.

(18.) President Trump respects the Second Amendment and the rest of the U.S. Constitution.

(19.) President Trump is pro life (anti-abortion). 

(20.) President Trump supports religious freedom

(21.) President Trump mobilized the government and corporations to quickly produce needed PPE and respirators in the wake of COVID-19.

(22.) President Trump mobilized a speeded-up process for developing and testing vaccines to combat COVID-19. 

(23.) President Trump convened an economic council of leading business and economic leaders to advise the administration on how to bring the U.S. economy out of the depressive effects of COVID-19.

These are just some of the reasons that I'm voting for President Trump and I hope you will too. If you want a president who keeps his promises, a president who's all about action, a president who loves this country, a president who is a patriot in the style of Ronald Reagan, then please vote Donald Trump on election day (in person if you can because paper ballots can be so easily voided by pollworkers and lost in the mail). It would also be great for the country if you would vote for Republicans for the House of Representatives and Republicans for Senate on Election Day so that the stonewalling that goes on in the House of Representatives will come to an end. Vote Donald Trump for president on Election Day. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

It's an Elephant's Job

Vote Republican in 2020 to get the United States' economy back on track.

(cartoon political ad circa 1928)

Friday, May 1, 2020

Global Warming Climate Change

Mars has a thin atmosphere made up of 95 percent carbon dioxide (CO2). If carbon dioxide was such an effective greenhouse gas (where on Earth it only makes up 0.04 percent of the atmosphere) it should keep Mars nice and toasty at 95 percent! However, the average temperature on Mars is -63 degrees Celsius. So if Mars is so cold, despite carbon dioxide being the most prevalent component of its atmosphere, how effective is CO2 going to be as a warmer on Earth where the percentage of CO2 in our atmosphere is 4 hundredths of 1 percent?

As an example, imagine that the atmosphere is all the people in this "Where's Waldo" image and CO2 is Waldo. Where is Waldo's ability to warm up all these other people? It doesn't seem likely does it?


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Some Coronavirus-19 Perspective - Flu Deaths Compared

Some Coronavirus-19 Perspective

According to the CDC, in the 2017-2018 flu season there were 61,099 influenza-related deaths. This averages out to 407 deaths per day in the United States if you calculate a 5-month flu season (November thru March). Most of the deaths for the "regular" flu are senior citizens. There were deaths in other age groups, but generally much less. We did not and do not shut the world down for terrible flu seasons such as the 2017-2018 epidemic. 

The reason people compare novel coronavirus to the flu is that they are both viruses, both have similar symptoms (not the same), and both result in deaths for people with weakened immune systems or other underlying problems. What is clear about coronavirus is that it is easier to catch than the regular flu. What we (the public) don't know is what the death rate for people who get it is. Italy's death rate seems to be close to 10 percent of people who get COVID-19 die. Italy has a larger senior citizen population and more smokers (per CNN). Maybe this accounts for the higher death rate. Transparency and truth from China regarding their numbers would make things clearer for the rest of the world. But they don't want to come clean. The United States mortality rate appears to be about 2 percent as of 4/1/2020. World mortality rate appears to be averaging 4 to 5 percent as of 4/1/2020.

What we do need to remember is that if this were just a bad flu season, 61,000 people (in the U.S. alone) would have died anyway. What will that thinking do to the overall COVID-19 mortality numbers? Should we have shut down our economy for this virus? Are lock-downs, which are anti-constitutional, necessary?

The good news is that hydroxychloroquine, an arthritis medicine that is also used against malaria, has shown in clinical cases to help against novel coronavirus and is undergoing trials to confirm. Work is also happening quickly for a vaccine. The vaccine won't help during this season since it won't be ready but it could be available for the next flu season if we're lucky.

Remember: Wash your hands after touching anything in public and don't touch your face until your hands are clean. Sleep is important since it allows a strong immune system. Drinking alcohol weakens your immune system, so do less of that. Smoking weakens your lungs and your immune system, so do less of that. Plenty of water and exercise also strengthen the immune system. Vitamins from natural foods or from supplements strengthen the immune system, especially Vitamin C and D.

If you pray or meditate, do it more; it will give you peace in this time of media hysteria. And if you want the peace to continue, don't watch mainstream media coverage of the pandemic 24/7. 

Friday, March 13, 2020

Grammar and Spelling: Affect/Effect

Grammar and Spelling

Proper Usage Examples of Effect and Affect

Some of the effects we will talk about can affect others around you, depending on the condition you are in.

Effects is usually more specific: One of the effects is this and this. There were two effects on the class.

Affect is usually more general: I wasn't affected by the quarantine.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Illegal Alien Driver's Licenses in New Jersey

Thanks to Governor Murphy, New Jersey has joined the ranks of the lawless states that have declared themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens. 

In a new move to enhance this sanctuary status, Murphy and the state democrats are pushing a bill to give illegal aliens driver's licenses. So much for the rule of law, I guess.

This move, as well as sanctuary status, is in opposition to the Democrat legislators' and Governor's oaths of office to uphold the laws and constitutions of the state of New Jersey and the United States of America. I would like to see Republicans in the New Jersey legislature bring up impeachment of Governor Murphy for violating his oath of office. There is a recall movement of Murphy under way but I don't think it has gotten enough signatures to go anywhere, especially since he can be voted out of office in 2020. But he and the Democrats need to be sanctioned at the very least.

New Jersey is a heavily Democrat populated state but we have had Republican governors in the near past, so I don't think that is out of the question for 2020. I would like to see voters place Republicans in the legislature as well in 2020 so they can undo the last few years of detrimental Democrat policies. They really have overreached and the public will see that at election time.

Driver's licenses for people in New Jersey illegally would give legitimacy to these people who should not be here in the first place. And it will attract other illegal immigrants to the state straining an already strained state and increasing the population of illegals in New Jersey which already has a large illegal alien population. 

Urge your legislator to vote No on this bill when it comes up for a vote. Vote NO on S-3229 or A-4743. To find your legislator, use this interactive map

Please call and email the offices of Senate President Sweeney (609-847-3700; and Assembly Speaker Coughlin (609-847-3500; Thank you to NumbersUSA for this information.

Democrat Abuse of Power

With the bogus impeachment of President Trump, the Democrats in the U.S. Congress have put themselves and their desire for power (and their hatred of a man) before the United States people and before the U.S. Constitution. They have abused their power to hurt a political opponent, they have abused the impeachment clause of the U.S. constitution with their frivolous impeachment, and they have ignored their regular legislative duties.

The year 2020 will find the Democrats losing more than enough seats in the Senate and House for Republicans in the House to regain control. This because the voters, the people, want to punish that party for wasting four years of legislative time with endless investigations.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Fort Gun Free

It seems like the one place in the world that there should be no mass shootings is on a military base - you know, because everyone is a highly trained weapons capable soldier. However, in the span of two days there have been two shootings at military bases with at least six people killed and more injured - Pearl Harbor and Pensacola, Florida. Why? Because, ironically, military bases don't allow soldiers to carry their weapons on the base. They are gun-free zones. Isn't it about time that this ridiculous situation is remedied?

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Microsoft Windows Keyboard Shortcut of the Day 909

Microsoft Windows Keyboard Shortcut of the Day

If you need to blow up a portion of your screen for easier readability or to see better what is going on in an image, open the Windows Magnifier quickly and easily using this Windows shortcut.

In Windows 10 -
To open the Windows Magnifier

Press the Windows logo key and +

Press Windows logo key and + again (and again) as needed to increase the size.

Press Windows logo key and - to reduce size.

Press the X to close the Magnifier.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Why Forsake the Kurds?

Dear President Trump,

Please reconsider your position regarding the abandonment of our allies the Kurds in northern Syria. These people have spilled their blood in our fights against the Taliban, against Saddam Hussein, and against ISIS. We depended on them as forces auxiliary to our own military, they were crucial in the fights that this country has fought since 2002. Fights that we may not have won without them. And now after a phone call with the bad actor in Turkey you decide to leave these allies open to attack by Erdogon and Turkey? An attack that has this very day started. The American military cots were still warm as the attacks from Turkey's army began.

But if these people are massacred, if there is a genocide or some other catastrophe for these people who have helped us and relied on us, I will NOT support you any longer nor will I vote for you. There is no conservative program implementation you could tout that would wash away the sin of betrayal. If these people die or are subjected to Turkey's hegemony then you are directly responsible for their deaths or loss of freedom. This will be the worst thing anyone could have done, the worst thing you will have done. Please reconsider and protect the Kurdish people. It is the least America can do for an outnumbered ally in the middle east.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Windows Keyboard Shortcut of the Day

Microsoft Windows Keyboard Shortcut of the Day
In Windows 10 -

To open the Windows Settings screen
Press the Windows logo key and i.

windows key

 The Windows Settings screen will appear.

Monday, August 5, 2019

El Paso and Dayton Shootings

God bless those people who perished in the mass shootings this past weekend and God bless and comfort their families and friends. Bless the injured that they may heal quickly. The shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, were terrible acts committed by two individuals with free will. The two young men who pulled the triggers were responsible for the heinous acts. You can try to place blame here and there, but in the end, they were responsible. 

In the case of the El Paso shooting, this man was a racist and he was very likely supported and fed in his views using the internet and social media to hate foreigners from south of the border. He thought that what was happening was a conscious invasion of people from another country. Before the internet and social media there was not as much support to be found for deviant points of view. There were deviant points of view, yes, but you can find fresh new thoughts and ideas supporting any ideology (extreme or not) literally every second of the day now.
If you want mass shootings to end, taking guns away from people is not going to help. Legislating access to guns is not going to help. Legislating or controlling the internet is not going to help, either. The only thing that will help is the message that we are our neighbor’s keeper. People are beings with souls, hearts, loves, dreams, and families. Not unhuman entities that it is okay to kill, to slaughter as if you’re walking through a video game and trying to increase your kill count as these mass shooters tend to do.
There needs to be more love taught and shown to young people. The way that these murderers view other human beings needs to change—needs to stop. That people can get to the point where they can see another human being as just a target for their gun to kill and not a living breathing member of a family of loved ones is the thing that we must fix.
How do you do that? More love needs to be taught from early on. The sea of media that we live in today needs to change from hate to love, needs to change from devaluing human life to valuing human life. The value of human life needs to be taught. Video games that allow the user to participate in killing people do not teach the value of human life, they devalue human life, turning what looks like a human onscreen into an animal, or less. I know people tend to blame video games and movies after mass shootings, but it is because there is truth there, there is devaluation of human life in these popular media. Pilots, doctors, fork-lift operators, ship captains, astronauts and many others are trained with video games (simulators). They are trained with them because they are an effective learning tool. They're like real-life. Aren’t killers trained to some extent too? People with a moral foundation and a strong psychological make-up are not trained as killers by video games because they know right from wrong, because they recognize the sanctity of life, because they have a moral foundation. I don't know if either of these killers played violent video games, but it is more the norm than not in today's world.
Killing is glorified in movies as well. Look at a hundred movie posters or DVD cases. How many of those that you see have a guy or a gal holding a gun “on the cover”. Many, if not most of them. I’m not suggesting we legislate video games or movies, just as we should not over-legislate guns. America is about freedom after all.
The one commandment delivered by Jesus says to love your neighbor as you love yourself. And he meant everyone, not just your proximate neighbor. All people on Earth are your neighbors. If people just followed that one commandment it would be impossible for mass killings to continue; people would value other people’s lives. This can be taught in schools. It doesn’t even need to be religious, but love does need to be taught, it needs to be displayed.
A mind is not right that wants to do this to his fellow human beings. It’s not the gun, or the knife, or the bomb, or the car doing the killing. It is the brain of an unhinged (or indoctrinated) individual with free will. But perhaps in an environment where there is more valuation to life, where there is more love, even unhinged people will think twice about taking such actions.
But after we discuss all the things which may influence a person, the responsibility for murder lies in the murderer’s hands and heart. Justice will and should come down on him here and in the hereafter. If the person is deemed crazy or mentally unstable that person needs to be detained for the rest of their life to keep the population safe. President Trump said that the trigger was pulled by mental illness and hate. Well if it was mental illness then I do not agree that the death penalty should be pursued.  

There will always be unhinged people but perhaps if the social climate is one of love (less toxic) and one where human life is valued  (and our opponents not dehumanized) these things won't happen so often.