Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Some Coronavirus-19 Perspective - Flu Deaths Compared

Some Coronavirus-19 Perspective

According to the CDC, in the 2017-2018 flu season there were 61,099 influenza-related deaths. This averages out to 407 deaths per day in the United States if you calculate a 5-month flu season (November thru March). Most of the deaths for the "regular" flu are senior citizens. There were deaths in other age groups, but generally much less. We did not and do not shut the world down for terrible flu seasons such as the 2017-2018 epidemic. 

The reason people compare novel coronavirus to the flu is that they are both viruses, both have similar symptoms (not the same), and both result in deaths for people with weakened immune systems or other underlying problems. What is clear about coronavirus is that it is easier to catch than the regular flu. What we (the public) don't know is what the death rate for people who get it is. Italy's death rate seems to be close to 10 percent of people who get COVID-19 die. Italy has a larger senior citizen population and more smokers (per CNN). Maybe this accounts for the higher death rate. Transparency and truth from China regarding their numbers would make things clearer for the rest of the world. But they don't want to come clean. The United States mortality rate appears to be about 2 percent as of 4/1/2020. World mortality rate appears to be averaging 4 to 5 percent as of 4/1/2020.

What we do need to remember is that if this were just a bad flu season, 61,000 people (in the U.S. alone) would have died anyway. What will that thinking do to the overall COVID-19 mortality numbers? Should we have shut down our economy for this virus? Are lock-downs, which are anti-constitutional, necessary?

The good news is that hydroxychloroquine, an arthritis medicine that is also used against malaria, has shown in clinical cases to help against novel coronavirus and is undergoing trials to confirm. Work is also happening quickly for a vaccine. The vaccine won't help during this season since it won't be ready but it could be available for the next flu season if we're lucky.

Remember: Wash your hands after touching anything in public and don't touch your face until your hands are clean. Sleep is important since it allows a strong immune system. Drinking alcohol weakens your immune system, so do less of that. Smoking weakens your lungs and your immune system, so do less of that. Plenty of water and exercise also strengthen the immune system. Vitamins from natural foods or from supplements strengthen the immune system, especially Vitamin C and D.

If you pray or meditate, do it more; it will give you peace in this time of media hysteria. And if you want the peace to continue, don't watch mainstream media coverage of the pandemic 24/7.