Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Why Forsake the Kurds?

Dear President Trump,

Please reconsider your position regarding the abandonment of our allies the Kurds in northern Syria. These people have spilled their blood in our fights against the Taliban, against Saddam Hussein, and against ISIS. We depended on them as forces auxiliary to our own military, they were crucial in the fights that this country has fought since 2002. Fights that we may not have won without them. And now after a phone call with the bad actor in Turkey you decide to leave these allies open to attack by Erdogon and Turkey? An attack that has this very day started. The American military cots were still warm as the attacks from Turkey's army began.

But if these people are massacred, if there is a genocide or some other catastrophe for these people who have helped us and relied on us, I will NOT support you any longer nor will I vote for you. There is no conservative program implementation you could tout that would wash away the sin of betrayal. If these people die or are subjected to Turkey's hegemony then you are directly responsible for their deaths or loss of freedom. This will be the worst thing anyone could have done, the worst thing you will have done. Please reconsider and protect the Kurdish people. It is the least America can do for an outnumbered ally in the middle east.

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  1. I'd like to thank President Trump for staying engaged on this issue in the days following Turkey's initial invasion and his administration helping to broker a cease fire along the Syria Turkey border. The terms may not have been too great for the Kurdish civilians living near the border with Turkey but at least the all-out military offensive was interrupted.

    I would also mention that I did not know on Day 1 of our troop pullout from that area of Syria that some of the Kurds in that area were terrorists.