Friday, April 12, 2013

The Devil's Assassin

by Brian M. Holmes
Linus Hather is content with his uneventful life as a prison guard in southern New Jersey. But his life is changed forever when he and his pet lemur are rudely awoken by Linus's unusual home security system. He is convinced that he's captured a killer, but it becomes his full-time job over the next weeks to convince anyone else of this dangerous fact. Meanwhile, the unexplained deaths keep occurring with the authorities attributing the causes of the deaths to anything but the right ones.

Linus teams up with an attractive, but stubborn, government scientist to get more information on the killer, and to try to convince the authorities of his "crackpot" theory.

Join Linus and June as they attempt to capture or kill the stealthiest killer that has ever walked this Earth, The Devil's Assassin!

Available in print and for the Kindle and Nook eReaders. The book will be available for more devices in the coming days.

Amazon Kindle $2.99

Print edition via CreateSpace $7.99

Print edition via $7.99

Barnes & Noble Nook $2.99

Print edition via Barnes & Noble $7.99

Kobo eReader $2.99

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