Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vote Out the Golfer in Chief - 22 Reasons to Say Goodbye

This is the week of the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, which will be a factory of lies and smears of Mitt Romney and Republicans, and at the same time there will be no playing up of the non-existent Obama administration accomplishments because there is nothing good to say. Everything this president has done has put a restrictor plate on the American economic engine.

If you are thinking about voting for Barack Obama for president, think first about these facts.
  • Less people are working in the U.S. now than in 2008/2009, though there are many more people. The administration tells you about jobs created in a month but they don't seem to factor in that 350,000+ people file for NEW unemployment claims every week.
  • 50% of college graduates can't find a job.
  • The only place you can get a college loan is through the government. There is no competitive market any longer.
  • Unemployment has been above 8% for more than 4 years.
  • The debt is 5 trillion dollars larger than it was 4 years ago.
  • Obama (The Golfer in Chief) has golfed more than almost any other president (more than 100 times).
  • 49 million Americans are on Food Stamps.
  • Obama, who has said that he would bring America together has caused America to become more polarized, more partisan than it has ever been by not compromising at all, by not working with Congress, by lying about what he will do, by imposing laws in a dictatorial fashion (DREAM "act"), and by name calling more than any other president before him.
  • Obama has continuously dissed America's friends and sided with its enemies.
  • Obama attacks the successful people in America, creating class warfare.
  • Obama pushed hard for Obamacare which will make healthcare more expensive generally, will cripple health insurance companies, impedes on the rights of individual Americans, and will reduce the quality of health care overall, and enlarges government and government's role in our lives.
  • Obama has made massive cuts in the military, weakening America's ability to defend itself.
  • Gasoline is $1.50 to $2.00 per gallon higher than when he took office and has been so fairly consistently for his term in office. In a sense, this is equivalent to a 50% tax on fuel under his administration. This would not be the case if he had a more pro-American energy policy.
  • He wants to tax carbon, thereby raising energy prices for consumers.
  • He placed a 3.8% tax on the sale of your home to help fund Obamacare.
  • Has OK'd the use of government funds to do research with stem cells from fetuses.
  • Supported partial birth abortion when he was a senator in Illinois.
  • Sued Arizona for enforcing laws against illegal immigration. Sued Ohio for early voting rights law for military voters. Sues Florida for trying to clean up its voter registrations by removing non-US citizens.
  • Has just given defacto amnesty to a large number of illegal immigrants.
  • He wants taxes raised on wealthy Americans, who already bear most of the tax burden, but this will actually hurt small businesses who hire a large portion of the workers in this country.
  • He has been very weak in his response to the dangerous country of Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.
  • His requirements for automobile mileage are raising the cost of buying cars and trucks.
This list could actually go on. If you care that this country remain a country where the freedom of the individual is valued and where government is a smaller (not a larger part of your life) then you really should vote for Mitt Romney for president. It's not about what Mitt Romney can do FOR you, it's about what Barack Obama is doing TO you and TO this country.

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