Friday, May 18, 2012

Facebook Goes Public

If there has ever been a sure thing in the world of investing it is that Facebook, the social media king of planet Earth, at least in the short term, is going to make investors tons of money with its stock offering today. The company is going to become a publicly traded corporation today with its IPO (initial public offering). Look for the stock to soar straight up on its opening day and to be worth ten times its offer price in the near future.

Look at Amazon, Google, and Apple. Facebook is at least as hot as these companies and they are valued in the hundreds of dollars per share of stock. Sure these companies sell actual product, but Facebook has found a working business model and it is a product that consumers love to use, despite its ill-conceived (and I say doomed) Timeline redesign.

Facebook is slated to offer shares of its stock in the $35 to $38 dollar range, but the price won't be there for long. Buy this stock early.


  1. After Facebook's (stock symbol FB) unspectacular first day of trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange where it finished 23 cents up on the day there's a lot of talk out there that Facebook as an investment is a dud. This based on one day. An up day too.

    Investing is a long haul "game" and my personal opinion that this stock has got no where to go but up still holds. Google wasn't $600 a share on the first day, it was $85. Now, eight years later, it is $600.

    Patience my friends. What is good about Facebook remaining near its offer price after the first day of trading is that more people can get in on the ground floor.

  2. As I said last year, investing in stocks like Facebook should be a long-haul game for most investors. Now a little more than a year later the stock is close to $45 per share, above what it was offered at in May of 2012. Patience can be a virtue in the stock market.,0,1253797.story