Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Idiots and Their Platforms (Michael Ratner Proves That Finks Can Flourish)

This entire, vapid, and unproofread opinion piece* by Michael Ratner for the CNN website, hinges on the terrorist-supported supposition that waterboarding is torture. The truth is, is that it is not a foregone conclusion as Mr. Ratner makes it out to be, and it is not political Machiavellianism that President Bush hasn't been tried for "war crimes" or "torture". There has been no trial because there hasn’t been anything of substance to try anyone for. There is no "there" there.

He calls for legal action against a former leader of this country from outside its borders. That alone is anti-Constitutional. Hey Mr. Ratner, how about spending some time fighting real injustices against United States citizens instead of undermining them and being an advocate for the enemies of the people of this country?

It figures CNN would give this activist lefty a voice on its website.
*Why there should be a case against George W. Bush under torture law; February 19, 2011 by Michael Ratner, special to CNN

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