Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Truth, Liberty, and Health Care Deform

The following post was sent to flag@whitehouse.gov, which is an e-mail address that is collecting information from "whistleblowers" about the opposing viewpoints in the Health Care Deform debate. This sounds like a tactic from behind the Iron Curtain. The article discussing this sham is on the White House web page.


Truth is what is being spoken person to person (and under the surface and above surface and at the coffee pot and water cooler and in the car repair waiting room) about this Health Care Deform. What are you going to do about truth? Squash it? Call it shrill and loud?

I think the spending this Health Care Deform represents is irresponsible when this country is in near bankruptcy and saddled with huge deficits.

Not to mention that federal government healthcare is unconstitutional, takes away more of our freedom, and imposes more governmental control on the citizens of the United States.

Society is not here to make choices for me, healthcare or otherwise. But more and more, this society wants to make all my choices for me.

How about fixing Medicare? How about fixing Social Security? How about fixing the economy? How about ending illegal immigration instead of offering them healthcare?

Stop wasting my and my neighbor’s money.

And stop throwing away our money on car rebates too, increasing the Obama bloated deficit even more.

Brian Holmes

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  1. I reported my 85-year old Republican mother to flag@whitehouse.gov and asked them to "straighten her out". She said she was against euthanasia for the elderly in lieu of costly medical treatment.