Friday, June 17, 2011

You Won’t Have Anthony Weiner to Kick Around

I am extremely pleased that U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner from New York has done the right thing and resigned and this fantastically lame story is going away. To see all of these news organizations making anatomical connotations and jokes playing off of his name is sixth grade, childish stuff. While you’d expect it of the late night hosts, the Comedy Central windbags Stewart and Colbert, morning radio show shock jocks, morning radio "zoos", and Saturday Night Live, where you don’t expect or want to see it is on news talk radio, television news programs, and in newspapers. I feel like the adults have left the room and the middle schoolers have locked the doors and are in charge of the voice of the media. 

The quicker the always obnoxious Mr. Weiner disappears and this issue disappears the better. Now we have to hope that these pictures and texts were the complete extent of his Tweeting and Facebooking and nothing else rears its ugly head in this sorry political debacle.
And why does every political scandal have to be tagged with the suffix “gate”? Weinergate? Come on mainstream media, let’s get a little more creative. And how about growing up too.

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